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Sep 10th, 2012 Posted in Short Fiction | Comments Off

A collection of 4 off-beat, slightly twisted short stories about the strange situations some people find themselves in:

NUDE, SMILING: A law school student discovers his study partner has come up with an unusual way to put herself through school.~~

FLASHER: A woman is certain the man across the alley is always staring at her through her window, even if she hasn’t caught him at it yet. Maybe if she just tempts him a little more . . .~~

A KINDNESS, REALLY: A night of drinking, feeling sorry for her ex–and now look at her. Will Gracie keep the baby? Or would it be kinder to the child not to?~~

THANKS TO THE PERV IN THE HARDWARE STORE: A woman finally reveals her secret at a dinner party and hears an even more shocking story in return.~~

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